Safety ideas at the campsite with babies, toddlers and children of all ages

Taking the whole family on a camping trip is one of the most creative, interesting and natural things you can do in your life. You are on the right side if you want to be as safe and protected as you can be on any camping trip. First – Safety starts with the right equipment and tools for your camping holiday. There are certain rules of safety and protection that you must follow when traveling with babies and children. There are some tools and some equipment that will make your holiday easier and more enjoyable.

Camping with baby:

When you take a baby on a trip, prepare yourself and buy a baby tent. This is a small housing that can accommodate a baby – with a baby seat. The enclosure isn’t really a “tent”, but it’s more of a closet that you’ll be using inside the tent or outside it. This makes your baby insect-proof. Your baby will be free of mosquitoes and spiders and their bites. Bring a sleeping bag for the baby (for the inside of the tent if the baby is not inside the tent). This type of sleeping equipment gives your baby more security than a normal blanket. Remember that your baby is not at home and may be worried about his new temporary accommodation. Use the sleeping bag at home for a few nights before you go on your camping trip. This way your baby will get used to it and will be familiar with it on the trip. Bring bandages, over-the-counter medication, bottled water, a ball, toys and anything else the baby is familiar with.

Place: If you are camping with babies or toddlers, first try the “family” campsites or private campsites to see how the baby or toddlers react to the outdoor experience. Camping at a private campsite or family campsite offers many amenities that State Parks may not offer. For example, at the private campsite, you’ll find a children’s pool and a regular pool, an indoor shop for the essentials, internet access, children’s play areas, golf carts, plenty of water cones and fountains and many other items to make camping with children a fun experience. After choosing your campsite, the next mission is to choose the best place for children and babies. You will want to choose a place that is close to the bathroom, close to the public telephones (also bring a mobile phone), and or close to the shop or the more frequented areas of the campsite. If you choose a location near the bathroom, choose the right location, not one too close.

Important timely notice: Wow! At least once a year you have a perfect place to camp with your children, especially if you are a beginner. This year, and most likely every year thereafter, there will be one night’s camping in New York (for families). Mostly there is no camping in Staten Island, New York all year round. However, in recent months or so, I read that they will be camping for a night in High Rock Park. Reservations are required, and on March 24th they will accept the first reservations. (If you missed it for this year, save this information because it will help you next year). You call and reserve your place. Tell them you don’t have a tent and they will deliver a tent for the night (while stocks last). You can also camp with them that night if you have your own tent, but you still have to register to participate. They deliver their own food and drinks, but they deliver the campfire to fry marshmallows and cook your hot dogs. Sounds like a fantastic night in New York, for beginners. This is your opportunity to get used to camping in a safe environment with expert supervision. (You must be of legal age to register). Look for park rangers or High Rock Park on the net to find the details). This only happens once a year in this special area, so be sure to call and register by March 24th.

A few years ago, one of the news items that didn’t make it into the newspapers, but disturbed the campsites, happened at Heckscher State Park in New York State. One night, after dark, a camper family came very late to the campsite and went back to a water fountain. The motorhome driver did not look behind him when he parked.

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